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fully of hopes

da lama giler x update my x dak+malas+runsing x dak kijo = all the reason forget a while with this site...skrg da ade kijo n kijo x dak lg,so leh la updated2 citer dlm a way to release tension hopefully...

now, my life in jb..start keje on 5th octo, till now,kje x baper membebankn n x mncabar lg..juz relax n happy2 jekk..maklum le..bos x dtg lg..pulak tu ni cwgn baru..all people are new..kat cni ade 4,maya,mar n far all of them, ok jek..cume one of them yg agak skema la..tapi x pe la..(kdg2 rasa buhsan gaks-everything is no!!)..kire nye org ni jd plengkap la...nobodys perfect rite..
here,some pictures captured by husband k.maya..very nice...(pro da)

some of books borrowed from HQ - i've to studies la wehhh...huhu

my offices condition

juz imagines hows a cameraman take dis pic...

my room is number 3...

my desk..ade clorets coz tgh dmam..uhuk22

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