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I'm anxious to know whether I'm pregnant. When's the earliest I can use a pregnancy test?

as slm ols..
rini baru ade m00d utk berblog. almaklum la, today is monday so mmg kna amik feel dulu sblum stat enjin keje.ok.keje sdg melambakkk! mari kite berblog!

sja nk sharing info tang UPT . sindrom utk org yg baru bkahwin adelah mnunggu period date. x tau la u ols rasa ke x..tapi ni la yg I rasa,.bile tiap kali jek da nk sampi period cycle kompom gelabah. hahaha. sy ni bukan la kategori nk sngat tapi bile tgk bloger lain dok habaq UPT +ve, x leh jadi nih. ahaha. mak sy slalu nasihat " janganlah terlalu "nak" sangat. mesti ade rezeki tuh" heheh. baik, Ibu.

so, kegelabahan sy ituew telah nampak dgn membeli UPT jekkk kat watson (lebih dr 3x kottt). nasib watson blambak kat JB nih, so derang x knal sy la. weeeeeee. maka, sy rasakan pembelian sy itu sgt tidak bhemah berikutan kecetekan ilmu tang mende2 nih. sy lgsg x leh tnye mak sy sbb kompom dia akan marah. hehehe. so sy dapat info nih dr SINI  . sharing is caring !

first n foremost! u have to know bout dis....

I'm anxious to know whether I'm pregnant. When's the earliest I can use a pregnancy test?

The BabyCenter Editorial Team answers:

That depends on whether you're using a urine test (the most common kind) or a blood test. All pregnancy tests measure the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), the pregnancy hormone, in your body. But the two types of tests differ in how (and when) they detect it. 

Home pregnancy tests are urine tests. They detect the amount of hCG in your urine, but only when it reaches a certain level. Some home pregnancy tests are more sensitive than others. More sensitive tests may be able to detect low levels of hCG a few days before your period is due. 

However, whether you use an ordinary or a more sensitive home pregnancy test, if you use it too early in pregnancy the amount of hCG in your urine may not be high enough for a positive result. Almost all urine pregnancy tests will give you accurate results if you test at around the time your period would normally be due; about two weeks after you ovulate. 

A test may be negative for several reasons: 
• you may not be pregnant; 
• you may have ovulated later than you thought (and so not be far enough along for the test to detect your hCG); 
• or, in a small number of women, hCG levels can be very low and this may also affect the outcome of pregnancy tests. 

The blood test for pregnancy measures the amount of hCG in your bloodstream, not your urine. Blood tests can measure much smaller amounts of the hormone, and so can detect pregnancy earlier than urine tests, usually about six to eight days after ovulation. However, these are only available through your doctor. 

sources : HERE

its helpful to me. thnkz! 

p/s : i da 3 hari lewat peot. kecoh jeee


  1. da 3 hari lewat piyed??? jeng jeng jeng :P

  2. haha. sbnrnye tu je nk highlight ek. kihkih.

  3. kalau ye, share the good news k:)

  4. dtg cni...

    mudah2an ade rezeki..amin

  5. ~ NANA ~ -VE la dear,,,i sdg berusaha. kihkih

  6. maya amir - komprom i share tau. btw, take care ya!

  7. e k i n ♥ y u s r i thnkz for dropping by n follow me. i follow u back la. heheh. xoxo


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