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i'm back!!

asslm ols..
lmanye x update blog.smlm bru smpi dr key ell.sgt seronok msa kalo sbut bab koje,x de nafsu nk citer. sy mls pk pkare2 yg membangkitkn rasa,s better if we focus on good story.ok2.b4 dat nk review bout latest news,which is now i,m with my great gadget!super great beb! thats the reason i could online anytime n anywhere! my garmin M10. actualy,dis gadget is from my asben to be for hntrn gift.haha.later,i'll story bout dis ya!

then,when i was there,activity yg pling besh is gathering ngn geng2 umah sewa dlu.sgt2 seronok.all of them are married except me! byk tu ilmu2 yg dkongsi.then,gosip is must! best2.yg pling best derang akn bkonvoi ke jb nnt!happening!!

last but not least,hlgkn rindu dgn my x-bos. tqvm n love u!

ok now,sy nk bkmas umh.nnt k.ika nk psg mini pelamin.dont be suprise! sy nk katam 28mei,so dis is only time utk kemas umh.

ok.can cin cauuuu..

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