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saman PDRM!

the title will tell everything
actualy sy sgt terkejut
coz time sy renew my roadtax on february 2011, it doesnt hev any probs.
ape yg paling memeranjatkan!!!
10 disember 2010 sy bukan berada di segamat hocay!!
nih yg nk hangin nihh..
coz tgk planner last yr, 8-9 disember sy ade assignment kat desaru, kota tinggi.
sgt2 mustahil sy nk ke sgmt n xde assigmnent was stated on that date
walaweeeeeeeeeeiiii!! apsal nihhhh...
FYI, 1st summons was my jeli
then 2nd summon was my nouvo yg sedang dipakai oleh incik tunang.
siap dia mlm nih!!

boleh x ekk x yah bayar??
papepun sy kna cek dulu dgn pdrm
coz it is not blacklisted yet

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