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Bit of her

Hye there! Buek gapo?

Keje sy dah selesai.

So sdg merelaxkn diri

Smentra nk nunggu waktu balik.

Ade point nk dkongsi bsma

Its all about my ex-bos

Harap2 dia x baca ler post nih

Bukan ape, sja nk mengeksperesikn (ejaan hancur!)

A bit about her

She is so special to me

And olso to others in MKMWS

She is so nice,caring,loving,understanding

N the best part she is jiwa sgt mude!

Untung diyana,dalila n azfar

U hev a great mother!

Puanthnkz for everything.

Even kite jauh,stil keep in touch

Cant wait for the next meeting wif u

We LOVE you.


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