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who i am lol...

wow wii waa...dats the only word i can say to her...its speechless on dat time..huhu...

damn!!damn!!damn!! the best words i can say wen give up to do dat job...

OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! wen the idea not come out...

i think dis is the tasks dat i'm never been imagine bfore..i thought dis is her job n hev been appointed in meeting session..ouwhhhhhhh...


i hev to be positive women, n juz think dat "CHALLENGING" referring to my bos..she appoint me to do ex-co speech for opening ceremony maktab. praise to ALLAH cz i did that job..the rest juz tawakal!!

hahha..actually is ok wat coz she is ur bos la..she can do anything wat she like, WHO ARE YOU TO QUESTIONING HER??..

ngeh ngeh ngeh...i hope wat i'm done, she can accept n say thnkz to me..only T.H.A.N.K Y.O.U words..not more then dat la..

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